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Pilot Centre

EVAS Air operates a Professional Flight School locally known as GFT (Gander Flight Training) which became a certified Cessna Pilot Center, March 2011. Boasting Atlantic Canada’s largest fleet of Cessna aircraft, GFT has been producing professional pilots since 1992. The most recent addition to its fleet, a 2011 Cessna Skyhawk S with Garmin 1000 helps ensure students receive an education that is current and very relevant to today’s Pilot.

Our Cessna Pilot Center has many advantages such as: training in adverse weather conditions, access to state of the art facilities, experienced Flight Instructors, a great atmosphere, and most important, CESSNA AIRCRAFTS.”

GFT offers everything from an aircraft rental to a Professional Commercial Pilot License... to find out more about the flight school and training, please click here.

Our Cessna Fleet


Cessna 150:

Number of Aircraft: 3
Seating Capacity: 2
Engine: 100 HP
Maximum Weight: 1600 LBS
Cessna 152:

Number of Aircraft: 9
Seating Capacity: 2
Engine: 110 HP
Maximum Weight: 1670 LBS
Cessna 172:

Number of Aircraft: 3
Seating Capacity: 4
Engine: 150 to 180 HP
Maximum Weight: 2300 to 2500 LBS
Cessna 172S:

Number of Aircraft: 1
Seating Capacity: 4
Engine: 180HP
Maximum Weight: 2,550 LBS



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"Wasn't difficult to come up with wonderful things to say about our experience, thanks so much!! Here it is Unforgettable.....Amazing.....Fun!!! Just a few of the words I would use to describe our experience at Gander Flight Training School. The staff were so courteous and helpful, taking the time to explain everything to us and even walking us to our car and seeing us off. We came for an aerial charter flight and both left wanting to get our Recreational Pilots License. We would highly recommend GFT to anybody and have shared our memorable experience with many already. We have ordered our Pilots Registration packages and GFT will definitely be seeing more of us! "

- Craig & Shona